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*Tue. 08.04.20

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New work for Film Objektiv shot by Tim Finch

✏️ Words from me

Something that I’ve been working thru is allowing myself to exist within an “if it fits” mentality. This year has presented me with a lot of forced patience.

I find myself becoming more reluctant to the idea of excess. It’s a painful separation. Growing up I was taught to work until you die—then work some more. I feel like I was taught about work and work ethic more than what quality work is.

Work isn’t just career. This applies to relationships, self-care, etc.

Something I’ve been working on is engaging only in what I can sustain. I feel that often we are quick with our yes because we fear the response of our no. A deep-rooted need for control (at least in my case). That gig isn’t worth your health, neither is that immediate text or call back.

If it fits—then move forward. If not, reach out and reschedule for when things aren’t so tight.

Grace is something that can be self served.

Give it a try.

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What’s your favorite social media platform? Twitter is by far my favorite-but I’m open to knowing why people choose the other (lesser) platforms. Let me know!

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🔍 This is cool

  1. Made Alone Together - My friends made a book and I’m in it. Plus I got to make some stuff for it ;) Check it out! All proceeds go to the Chicago Food Depository.

  2. Clumsy - My friend Jordyn started a blog and I’m in love. I think you’ll love it too.

  3. Good. - This is one of my favorite podcasts. Jared and Christian recently talked to the Mouthwash team. You can check out the episode here.

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